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Calamar (Illex argentinus): Stock Sud-patagónico

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Calamar (Illex argentinus): Stock Sud-patagónico al sur de 45° Latitud Sur

Prenski, Leszek Bruno & Morales-Yokobori, Marcelo L. (2011)

Terra Curanda vzw (www.terracuranda.org/fisheries)

Buenos Aires, February 2011



Argentina recovered the leadership as a squid (Illex argentinus) production country in 1993 although with declining yields since 1997. In 1997, the captures of squid were higher than 900,000 tons considering different fleets, while in 2007 were estimated in more than 800,000 tons. This work analyses the possible causes for the declining of the squid stock, arising consequently declines on captures. Reproductive capacity and prey-predator relationship aspects are analysed in this work in order to provide an insight on the population dynamics of this species. Relationships with hake (Merluccius hubbsi) which is considered a predator of squid adults and juveniles are also analysed. It is observed that good years for the squid fishery alternate with good ones for the hake fishery. As well, feed habits of the squid, including cannibalism, are analysed considering ranges of depth. It is observed that the squid maintains the proportion of its diet across years. Also, environmental aspects like the Malvinas Current, with determining impacts on the dynamics of the species, are analysed. Finally, biological and environmental variables are analysed in order to predict stock status in order to provide basis for management decisions.


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