Terra curanda

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Fisheries Section


Terra curanda is concerned with issues relating environment and sustainability. Fisheries are of high importance for feeding human populations as well as for most of the countries' economies. Current food demand and technology development have become factors of pressure on all commercial species, ecosystems and environment. Although science development may allow possibilities to predict recommendable catch limits, scientifics' voices are not the only ones to listen. The fisheries scenario is much more complex involving social and economical aspects which should not be neglected in order to secure sustainability.

We welcome contributions either on industrial or artisanal fisheries and intend to provide room for communication of academic works regarding any aspect affecting the sustainable fisheries development.

Morales Yokobori, M. L., Prenski, L. B., & Blanco, G. (2011). A sight on the Marine Stewardship Council semi-quantitative analysis applied to an Argentinean fishery. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 7, 122-127.

International systems for fishing regulation (Spanish)

Todos conocen que la sobrepesca se ha convertido en uno de los graves problemas del hombre en cuanto a su relación con el medio ambiente. América Latina, desde sus cuencas marítimas Atlántico Sur-Occidental y Pacífico Sur-Oriental, es uno de los grandes exportadores de bienes biológicos marinos hacia mercados desarrollados como Europa, Canadá y EEUU, entre otros... Leer nota completa

Assessment against MSC Principles and Criteria for Argentina hoki (Macruronus magellanicus) bottom and semi pelagic trawl net fishery (820 pages)

Prenski; Morales-Yokobori; Minte-Vera; Bridi; Landa; Giacomo, Di; Perier


Reproduction of published works is authorized provided the authors and sources are properly acknowledged.